“First euro” insurance

Looking for an international health insurance (international PMI), for you and your family, that supports all of your health care costs around the world?

You want to have freedom of choice for your doctor and also your place of hospitalization in case of illness or accident?

We have selected for you Allianz Worldwide Care, a global leader in insurance, a 100% Allianz subsidiary specialized in health insurance for demanding and mobile people! “Premium” coverage at a competitive price, with “repatriation” guarantee in option. Allianz Worldwide Care policies are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian!

Other solutions are available, depending on your health profile and the composition of your family. We will then process your request with InterGlobal, a British very reactive insurance company, or BUPA, APRIL, GMC or ASFE, other European insurers also very performant in international health insurance.

To know if you are eligible * and get various projects, contact us! We insure people allover the world, individuals or families, expatriates, binationals, VIPs in their country, impatriates in Europe…


If you prefer, you can get your instant quote “on line” with Allianz Worldwide Care, BUPA or APRIL. You can even subscribe on line (secured payment with VISA or MASTERCARD).

However, if you want to talk to us, would like an explaination or want to have quotes with other international health insurance companies, please contact us! 

* there are, in some countries, local or international restrictions, temporary or not, regarding access to international health insurance solutions. If needed, please get information from a local adviser.

Group health / welfare policies

One of our specialties is health / welfare protection and repatriation under collective agreements.

Looking for the best way to protect your team abroad? You want to optimize the management of health care costs of your employees? You want to set up for your affiliates in the world, a coherent policy covering illness and death for all or part of your team? Let us perform an audit of your current contracts and define all the desired minimum set by your company. We then find, locally or internationally, the best insurance packages tailored to your needs.

We are not a third-party administrator” unlike some other international brokers: we believe that insurance companies are best placed to provide a worldwide service 24/24. In this context, we have selected international actors like Allianz Worldwide Care, BUPA, InterGlobal, Mobility Saint Honoré or APRIL, all providing worldwide 24/24 quality service.

For example, we have recently implemented a health collective policy for a company in Bretagne, allowing the company to optimize the protection of its expatriates while significantly reducing the overall budget and simplifying tracking.

For “local” coverage of your employees, we also have solutions for you, especially in Africa that we know well.

Contact us!




With Social Security or CFE

As specialists in international health insurance, we also offer “top-up health insurance plans” in France (sometimes called “Mutuelles”), in addition to French Sécurité Sociale.

We have selected top-up plans with GMC, ASAF, APRIL… : they can match your situation and offer “electronic transmission” services related to your “Carte Vitale”. No medical questionnaire to subscribe. All our contracts also complete the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in countries where it is accepted *.

If you temporarily travel in countries which do not accept EHIC, your care will still be covered by French Sécurité Sociale (remember to bring SS Form for care abroad) but you should subscribe, before your departure, a temporary policy that will complete 100% of your health expenses in the visited countries. In fact, your “mutuelle” does not complete (in principle) these expenses. Also make sure that you will be covered for “repatriation” during your stay. In case of doubt, contact us!

If you go more than six months abroad, the issue of your social protection deserves a particular approach.

Indeed, the CFE (or, in Belgium, the OSSOM) shall not reimburse 100% of your expenses in Europe and abroad (scale same as Sécurité Sociale) and does not support your repatriation! We therefore recommend top-up plans such Indigo by Allianz Worldwide Care, or the ones proposed by ASFE, GMC or APRIL for reimbursement up to 100% of actual costs, within the contract limits.

All of the companies we work with are partners of the CFE and manage all of your repayments (CFE + top-up). To get your single form CFE + Top-up: contact us! Depending on your family situation, your country of residence or your needs (with or without “maternity” for example), the premium could vary from simple to double …: our broker role is to help you see clearly and to find the best solution.


If you prefer, you can get your instant quote “on line” with APRIL. You can even subscribe on line (secured payment with VISA or MASTERCARD).

If you don’t want to be covered by CFE, you may prefer a “1st euro” contract. You will benefit same cover than a “CFE + top-up” solution and often at a lower cost.

Our role as “health insurance comparator” is to help you to chose the cover you need! Contact us!

*Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain (including the Balearic and Canary Islands), Estonia, France (Metropolitan France, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Réunion), Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal (including Madeira and Azores), Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar), Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.

Death / Disability

Whether to guarantee a loan, receive an allowance in case of disability or leave a loved one a capital in case of death, we can help you find the best solution and take care of the medical paperwork if necessary.

We are specialized in “heavy” risk coverage, escpecially for expats, and work with the best insurance on the market: APRIL, Tokio Marine, Générali or Allianz Life Luxembourg.

Life in Luxembourg

Allianz NEW1 Death / DisabilityAs an expatriate, get a tax benefit by subscribing to a life insurance in Luxembourg!

Approved by Allianz Life Luxembourg, a subsidiary of Allianz, a global leader whose financial strength is no longer demonstrate, we offer access to a wide range of funds in euro and dollar, with the best funds managers.

Brochure on request. Private appointment in Paris.

BSI real estate

Nexity NEW1 Death / DisabilityYour assets also regularly deserve a “health check” for an optimized development! What to do in 2013 and subsequent years, to accumulate and transfer capital?

In parallel to your life insurance in Luxembourg, invest in “stone” in France and get tax relief if you are being taxed.

We offer an “all in one” concept with our partner NEXITY, a European leader in property building and management.

- Purchase of your flat or house “in future state of completion” (guarantees of completion,  legal fees included, etc.)

- Ensuring implementation of the first tenant

- Monthly management of tenant by NEXITY, with guaranteed unpaid rent

As some of our clients are also looking for an “ashore” in Paris, we can, on belhalf, find the property that matches your aspirations, through our real estate agencies partners, in the best districts and with our intimate knowledge of Paris! Then you organize your stay in Paris to select your next apartment, among those we have chosen.

Our advice: combine credit “in fine” with pledge of a life insurance.

Contact us!

Our Partners

Our mission and service provided to our customers would be nothing without strong partners we have selected! Here are a few.

Allianz NEW1 Our PartnersAllianz
A global leader in insurance, an international presence and a subsidiary dedicated to international health insurance:

AWC NEW1 Our PartnersAllianz Worldwide Care, based in Dublin. Contracts are available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish! Top up plans to CFE or are “1st euro”. One of our preferred! If you like to get your direct quote, just click Allianz Worldwide Care. You can subscribe and pay on line (Visa Card or Mastercard).

Mondial Assistance NEW1 Our PartnersMondial Assistance
An Allianz subsidiary, leader in its field: assistance and travel insurance. Mondial Assistance is present on five continents and operates 24/24, 365 days per year.

We also work with Allianz Life Luxembourg for your life insurance.

Indigo Expat NEW1 Our PartnersIndigo
International insurance specifically designed for expats in Monaco, Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg.


MSH NEW1 Our PartnersMSH
World leader in the design and management of international health solutions, with more than 300,000 insured persons in more than 194 countries and 2,000 corporate clients.


APRIL NEW1 Our PartnersApril
Specialist for more than 30 years of social protection for people living outside their country of origin, for short or long term: students, employees, self-employed, families travel tourist…


BUPA NEW1 Our PartnersBupa
In 190 countries around the world, BUPA covers more than 1 million people from 115 different nationalities. Their services include a hotline 24/24 and 7/7. If you like to get your direct quote, just click Bupa. You can subscribe and pay on line (Visa Card or Mastercard).

Interglobal NEW1 Our PartnersInterGlobal
British insurance company (PMI) dedicated to international health insurance, with clients on all continents and a specific underwriting policy: no medical questionnaire but a moratorium on pre-existing diseases.


DKV NEW1 Our PartnersDKV
Created in 1964, DKV has developed as a specialist Belgian supplementary health insurance with a full range of benefits for individuals and businesses.


Humanis NEW1 Our PartnersHumanis
As one of the earliest social welfare groups, Humanis is formed by the merger between Humanis and Novalis Taitbout which took place in 2012. The Group provides guarantees for both individuals and businesses.


Henner NEW1 Our PartnersHenner
The Group designs for its customers tailor-made schemes of social protection and advises on insurance, both in France and abroad.


ABC NEW1 Our PartnersAfrica Brokers’ Company
Insurance brokerage company, based in Cotonou, Republic of Benin. François Masson, founder of BSI is one of the partners. ABC is able to provide local insurance solutions in the CIMA zone.


CFE NEW1 Our Partnerscfe.fr
The “French social security abroad”. Consider purchasing in addition a “repatriation plan,” and “top up” plan. We can take care of your registration to CFE and top up plan (one single formulary for both).

The French Social Security website that tells you about the health checks that you can do regularly.

ASAF NEW1 Our PartnersASAF
“Association Santé et Action Familiale” was founded in 1974 with the desire to offer everyone the right of access to complementary health coverage, regardless of age, status or health status, and well before the existence of health solidarity contracts without medical questionnaire.

ASFE NEW1 Our PartnersASFE
“Association de Services des Français de l’Etranger”, founded in 1992, is an association law 1901. Its mission is to provide solutions to all expatriates worldwide in coverage health insurance, medical assistance, repatriation and civil liability.

ACS AMI NEW1 Our PartnersACS

Entirely independent broker for more than 20 years, ACS is specialized in the welfare of people traveling or residing outside their country of origin.

AVA NEW1 Our PartnersAVA

Broker specialized in travel insurance.


Nexity NEW1 Our PartnersNexity
Europe’s leading property development, Nexity allows you to find rental investments in the best french cities!


Montaigne santé NEW1 Our PartnersMontaigne Santé

The medical center conducts checkups or for people from all over the world.

BSI staff

At BSI, with Francois Masson, you will especially rely on Aurélie Faure. Our commitment is to reply within 24 hours and normally much less!

Who is François Masson?

fmasson BSI staffGraduate of ESC Saint-Etienne, he joins AGF (now Allianz) in 1989 and occupies different positions in the Non Life Inspection of Agencies in France.

He then integrates the AGF headquarter team for “non-life insurance strategy” in Paris in 2001, and then Lebanese AGF subsidiary in Beirut  as Head of non-life development. Theses years of practice allow him to visit and advise hundreds of companies to ensure them, to train many employees and understand the “backstage” of insurance in terms of distribution, subscription, claims…

In 2009, after two years as CEO of Allianz Benin (and, as such, administrator of Société Générale Bank in Benin), he left the Allianz Group to found “Bilan Santé International”. He is also a partner of an insurance brokers firm, Africa Brokers’ Co., based in Cotonou and a “solidarity investor” in a program which support young entrepreneurs in the “Collines” district, sponsored by the Picardy region.

Since 2009, François Masson is Foreign Trade Advisor for France, Benin / Togo section.

Who is AurÉlie faure?

Aurélie Faure, Partner of Bilan Santé International is graduate of Grenoble École de Management.

Our mission

BSI is an Insurance Broker founded in Paris by François Masson. Our purpose is to give usefull informations to internet users (mainly, but not exclusively, expats or binationals) for their protection abroad and help them to find solutions in our area of expertise: international health insurance, personnal accident or life insurances.

To prepare your expatriation or your trip, you should first visit the “country profiles” regularly updated by some institutions that we recommend. In fact, the rate of some insurance guarantees depends on the country’s context (security, availability of care…) and other guarantees may be granted, under conditions, by the insurer, regarding if the country is classified or not “risk of war”. How the country in which you are moving is considered in terms of risks, either by authorities or by insurers? Ask us to check if you have any doubt!

Among the “country profiles” we recommend:


This is THE official website of the French Republic.

For French expatriates, think about register on Ariane https://pastel.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fildariane/dyn/protected/accueil/formAccueil.html and visit the local consulate if expat for a long time.


Other “country profiles” to visit absolutely:




If your are abroad for a long time, contact your local consulate : depending your country of origin, rules might change.

Once you are clear regarding your destination and local situation, it is time to take care of your security and health care. If you are expatriate in some countries (China, Brazil, UAE, Lebanon, United States, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Singapore…), the cost of care can be very high… so insurance too! Depending on your country of expatriation or residence, we’ll help you to compare: our knowledge of the markets allows us to know the most affordable solutions. We are not bound to any particular company! Our mission: to help you choose your contracts for a peace of mind in terms of health insurance, welfare or 24/24 emergency service, for you, your family or your employees worldwide. And we are always at your side if needed!

We sell:

- “First euro” (or first dollar, first pound) international health insurance, for individuals or groups, or top-up plans to French CFE or Belgian OSSOM

- International Personnal Accident Insurances

- Asset management: life insurance in Luxembourg and real estate (buying a property in France)

We target customers of all nationalities, individuals or companies: “nomads of the 21st century“! They are expatriates around the world, nationals or binationals (except local regulatory restrictions and risk acceptance by the companies). Our clients are demanding, mobile, use internet easily and… trust us! You are expatriate in China? You already live in Brazil, Senegal, Europe and Libya? We certainly have solutions for you to implement or optimize your various insurances abroad…

We distribute the best insurance companies (Allianz Worldwide Care, BUPA, InterGlobal, APRIL…) and choose, with the client, the right guarantees with the best conditions, according to his needs.

As an insurance Broker, our service is free of charge for our customers: the insurance companies will reward. Conditions that we propose are identical to those you would sometimes find, after tedious efforts, seeking a solution directly from insurers. Our role is to help you choose the best solution because insurance is a complex area that requires good advice, in confidence. It is not unusual to see prices going from single to double without real justification so we help you to compare !

For individuals, alone or with family, we offer:

- Top up plans for CFE and OSSOM

- International health insurance at “1st euro” (or 1st dollar or pound or franc suisse)

- Death and disability insurance

- Life insurance in Luxembourg

- Rental investment in France / real estate in France

- Assessment of health / medical checkup

For industries, NGOs, international organizations, we offer:

- Comprehensive audit of in force insurances, targeted audit by branch (health, liability, transportation …) or country. Outside Europe, particularly in Africa, Middle East and Asia, we can also coordinate the management of business risks, relying, if necessary, on our network of Brokers partners and best European or local insurance companies.

- International health group insurance: our speciality! Insurances for the French (or not) companies, to cover employees around the world, for “short terms” or not: medical outgoings, 24/24 assistance, death / disability…

- Consultancy and management of insurance projects, particularly in CIMA zone: micro-health insurance, life and non-life “bank insurance”…

Contact us!


Special Schengen

Any temporary traveler who does not belong to the Schengen area * needs to present an insurance certificate for obtaining a visa.

All Schengen visa issued by a Member State of the Schengen Agreement is valid for the entire Schengen territory. It is delivered for 90 days stays maximum per semester.

  • Medical expenses
  • Repatriation plan
  • Private liability and personal accident

Select from the offers below the one that suits you best and subscribe online in a few clicks!


Special Students / Working holidays / Globetrotters