Luxembourg for your life insurance

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2018)

Why “life insurance”… in Luxembourg?

Allianz NEWIn 2016, what kind of savings can turn, whether you are tax resident in France or abroad?

At BSI, we are specialist brokers in health, pension and life insurance.

On this last point, our “life insurance” partner is Allianz Life Luxembourg: the benefits and the strength of life insurance to the Luxembourg and access to one of the widest choice of fund shares or bonds in Europe. Among these funds, the “euro Allianz Life Luxembourg guaranteed fund” offers (for the less adventurous!) the certainty of a capital that will that will develop over time.

Allianz Life Luxembourg offers materials in different currencies (euro, dollar, pound, franc Switzerland, yen) and with fund managers the most prestigious (Allianz course but also Carmignac, Oddo, Rothschild and Cie and Credit Switzerland)….

Ask us the confidential documentation, allowing you to take stock of your assets: it’s never too late to save for retirement or thinking about his succession in the best conditions! Life insurance enables to transmit to the persons of his choice of the capital without inheritance. Particularly interesting among brothers and sisters, uncles and nephews or even for people in the “free union”. An association may also be the beneficiary of a portion of the capital formed.

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