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All our articles and infos regarding international health insurance and expatriation. Our archives !

How to buy an international health insurance plan on internet?

With new fast and highly secured web, subscribing a health insurance by internet becomes a child’s play! Key elements required to subscribe on internet are: – Details of all persons to be insured (date of birth, weight, medical history…) – Start date required for the insurance policy – Choice of the formula proposed by the insurer and the […]

décès et invalidité expatriés

Why premiums are so different between companies?

Insurance is not an exact science: each insurer tries its own “segmentation” based on health profiles that seem promising for good technical results. Do not forget that insurance is an industry like any other, which purpose is to grow up making profits… So, you can found significant differences between premiums (sometimes up to 50%!) for nearly similar products […]

insuance for expats

Why a medical application ?

The application form is based on a medical questionnary, which is the basis of the contract but does bind neither the insurer, nor the insured. In other words, the insured will have to answer “in good faith” the questions asked by the insurer to enable him to get a good idea of risks to be covered, […]