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BSI blog

All our articles and infos regarding international health insurance and expatriation. Our archives !

courtier assurance expatriés

Expat and looking for a “1rst euro” plan ?

If you don’t rely on a compulsory or optional regime, or if you are not satisfied, you can subscribe to an international health insurance private from the 1st euro, also known as (PMI) private international health insurance. Some members also subscribe to receive care in the USA, when their national system does not support. As its […]

Rental investment: BSI explains everything!

  How does the rental investment? Benefits, pitfalls to avoid. The investment is a good way of: – retirement planning – reduce taxes – get back additional – protect his loved ones – to create a real estate law Pinel offers significant benefits but it is important not to rush and be well advised to […]

Senior expat top-up CFE plan

We now offer a “special SENIOR expatriate” plan, top-up to CFE. You should be less than 75 years of age to subscribe. A formula provided by Swiss Life. Most contracts will accept new subscriptions before 70 years : now the deadline is pushed back. Contact us for further information!