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BSI blog

All our articles and infos regarding international health insurance and expatriation. Our archives !

About sticking to Koh Samui?

About sticking to Koh Samui? Last night, I watched M6 and its Capital program. A theme already seen, on those French who are sometimes left at the end of the world, settle or for an adventure. There among them assets, for annuitants, or still more than one million installed for example in Thailand, to Morocco, […]

Luxembourg life insurance

In 2014, to what kind of savings turn, whether you are tax resident in France or abroad? At BSI, we are specialist brokers in health, pension and life insurance. On this last point, our “life” partner is Allianz Life Luxembourg: the benefits and the strength of life insurance, to the Luxembourg and access to one […]

Increased international health insurance premiums: what to think?

Your international health insurance premium increases again in 2014… What to think… and what to do? First of all, relativisez! Indeed, according to the latest report of "Globalsurance International Private Medical Insurance Review" regarding the inflation of health insurance contracts international "from the 1st euro" leaders in the field, the comparison worth the look! For […]