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Insurance expatriate in London?

Great Britain and London in particular, destination No. 1 young expats? What insurance health / disease support when one is an expatriate for a short or long term? Many young people are leaving to try adventure across the channel and geographic proximity as a real economic dynamics make it an increasingly popular destination for expatriating. […]

About sticking to Koh Samui?

About sticking to Koh Samui? Last night, I watched M6 and its Capital program. A theme already seen, on those French who are sometimes left at the end of the world, settle or for an adventure. There among them assets, for annuitants, or still more than one million installed for example in Thailand, to Morocco, […]

Increased international health insurance premiums: what to think?

Your international health insurance premium increases again in 2014… What to think… and what to do? First of all, relativisez! Indeed, according to the latest report of "Globalsurance International Private Medical Insurance Review" regarding the inflation of health insurance contracts international "from the 1st euro" leaders in the field, the comparison worth the look! For […]

Contrats Collectifs Santé & Prévoyance

Courtier spécialiste de la protection santé et prévoyance des salariés expatriés ou locaux, nous accompagnons nos clients entreprises dans la sélection et la mise en place de leurs contrats collectifs, partout dans le monde. La responsabilité civile (ou pénale) de l’employeur dans ce domaine est importante et être bien conseillé prend alors toute sa valeur. […]

Insurance students PVT Globetrotters

Whether student, PVTiste (what is that the NZWHP?) or simply Globetrotter, we have the solution to cover you abroad! Insurance that we will support your expenses in case unexpected hospitalization or medical, repatriation if required, etc. BSI has selected for you the best offers in the market, regardless of your profile (country of origin, country […]

Trophies of the insurance brokerage: eight brokers honored

BSI has won the trophies of the 2013 insurance brokerage: relive the highlights! Find all the information on the delivery of trophies of the brokerage on the Argus of insurance or on the site of the days of the brokerage. You can find balance Health International, represented by Mr Masson, as winner in the category […]

Assurance santé internationale : 10 erreurs à ne pas faire quand on souhaite s’assurer (ou modifier son contrat) à l’étranger !

Choisir une assurance santé internationale suppose de se poser quelques questions au préalable ! Pour être sûr de faire le bon choix, voici les principales erreurs à éviter. 1/ Reporter car “il sera toujours temps d’y songer” NON ! Il ne faut attendre ni l’accident, ni la maladie pour s’assurer ! Une fois qu’une pathologie […]

Malaria vaccine: what is really?

Malaria still today and unfortunately, the number of victims is always important. An experimental vaccine was born, but what really effective? A promising experimental vaccine against malaria – World http://news.google.comFri, 09 Aug 2013 18:35:06 GMT the Basketballworld experimental vaccine promising against the paludismeLe researchers MondeDes American announced, Thursday, August 8, unprecedented results after the clinical […]

International health insurance: what's the difference between symptom of acute or chronic?

To help users better understand how their international health insurance, we are committed a series of exclusive interviews with doctors who agreed to answer us. In this first interview, BSI wanted to know the opinion of a physician on the definition of a chronic or acute symptom. For the insurer, what difference does? How this […]