CFE: should you join or not when French or French binational abroad ?

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2013)

CFEJoin  french Social Security when living abroad (la Caisse des Français de l’Etranger), on a volontary basis, is an individual choice you should think twice.

You will, in this reflection, take into account the limits of the CFE, which pays on the same basis as the french Social Security, approximately 60% of outgoings, which can be very insufficient abroad. Therefore, it is most important to subscribe “CFE + top up CFE” and a “repatriation” guarantee.

Contributions to the CFE are for a “family” and maternity option automatically included

This is an interesting approach for many families. Contributions are based on the activity, income and age of subscriber. If you are more than 35 years old, a “penality” will be loaded by CFE to your first premium (maximum two years) and you have a waiting period of two months before the CFE covers you. This waiting period goes from 7 months if you have more than 45 years. Undeniable advantage: pre-existing conditions will be covered easily by the CFE and in case of total and permanent disability, you will continue to be covered until the end of your days without contributing.

Beyond the “citizen” choice which could be the motivation of the insured, the financial aspect is often THE determining factor to make a choice…

Abroad, many expats, binationals… or locals buy  an “international private medical insurance”

…for a 100% support of their medical expenses throughout the world: it is called “1st euro insurance” (or “first dollar” or “first pound” insurance). For singles or couples with one children or two, the formula is often advantageous. But be aware that pre-existing pathologies might generate increased premiums or, in some rare cases, exclusions.

Depending on your situation, it will be more or less interesting (financially speaking) to choose one of these solutions. Knowing that at the arrival, the level of benefits of a  “CFE + top up CFE plan” or “1rst euro plan” are identical.

Wherever you are in the world, Bilan Santé International, specialized broker based in Paris, will be happy to advise you with commitment and no extra cost. We distribute Bupa, Interglobal, Allianz Worldwide Care, MSH, GMC, April, AVA, ACS or Humanis international health plans and also all “CFE + top up CFE plans”, with simplified application forms.