How are an evacuation or a sanitary repatriation they determined?

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2013)

airliner-3659_640Most international health contracts offer office or optional coverage "assistance 24/24″, still called"medical evacuation"or"repatriation"which allows the insured to his country of origin.  It is true only in an emergency, the insured, as his family, generally prefer that the sick or the injured person to return "home". But the purpose of the guarantee is initially to save the life of an insured person when this is not possible locally. The proposed contract offer medical evacuation (to the nearest suitable place) or "repatriation" (to the country of origin when it is possible)?

In any case, these are two doctors who are going to implement this guarantee: one in charge of the patient locally and that of AIG. The insured chooses so neither the time nor the terms of the intervention! This one, once decided, can be done on regular line generally (in business class and with a doctor seconded for the trip) or medical plane if necessary.

It is still once imperative to comply with the procedures of the insurer and not decide or finance without approval. All support contracts include the repatriation of the body in case of death and sometimes the return of the insured in case of illness or death of a loved one.