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A dedicated service for corporates

we provide advice to large and small companies, to optimize their expatriates' protection. We also advise insurance companies and banks in the CIMA area.

Group health and life plans

Health and life insurance broker for expats and local employees : we advise our clients in the implementation of their group policies, worldwide. A field in which civil (or criminal) liability of the employer could be engaged

Global audit of property and casualty policies of your company

Audit of your guarantees : as a consultant or a broker, we analyse your risks…
For an insurance consultant, experience means a lot... As former CEO of insurance company, I know well our industry !
François MassonPartner - French Foreign Trade Advisor
assurance santé internationale

"kidnapping and ransom" insurance

Plans for travelers or expats including “high-risk areas”…

CIMA consulting

We are particularly familiar with the CIMA area with an office in Cotonou (Benin)…
Being a family business allows us to maintain a human relationship with our customers ; we are often very close despite the distance !
Aurélie Faure Partner

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We are specialists in group health and welfare protection. In France and abroad, we have solutions for you.

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