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Insurance for nomads of the 21th century

Expats, Globetrotters, employees on mission? We have solutions for all of you!

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For individuals or corporate

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Your international health insurance is with us!

Just a few clicks to find your international plan

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87% of renewals

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International health insurance

Discover our top-up French Securite Sociale or "First euro" plans. Also our short terms policies for travellers or students abroad so as insurances for Schengen visas.

Insurance for Expatriates

If you are expat (or binational), you are eligible to various international health insurance plans  […]

Not expat ?

First euro insurance plans for a worldwide service, wherever you live and come from…

Travel insurance and students abroad plans

Short terms insurances with full options. Designed for globetrotters and students abroad for up to 12 months…

Visa Schengen plans

All best plans and infos to get your Schengen compulsory insurance in a few cliks.

Among our partners...

We are proud to have agreements with major internationals PMI and TPA worldwide.

assurance complémentaire CFE
Chapka Direct
CIGNA Direct
BSI est partenaire de HENNER notamment en Afrique
APRIL Direct
ASFE Direct

A selection of travelers' insurance plans

Get your quote with our 3 prefered companies. Ideal for short terms stays and in case of suden illness or accident. Online subscription.

  • Maximum age
  • Duration
  • 24/24 emergency
  • Civil Liability abroad
  • Maximum cover / year
  • Death and disability capital
  • Loss of luggages
  • Family premium

Cap Adventure CHAPKA

From 36 € / month
  • - 80 years
  • 3 to 12 months
  • yes
  • 1rst
  • 200 000
  • yes
  • no
  • yes

Magellan APRIL

From 59 € / month
  • - 75 years
  • 15 days to 12 months
  • yes
  • 1rst € or top-up CFE
  • 200 000
  • yes
  • max 1 600
  • yes

Discover application process for you or your family...

With internet and phone, it became very easy to subscribe an international health insurance plan. We explain here the process.
My advice to all travelers or expats : buy your insurance plan while you are in good health ! Otherwise it might be to late to find a solution once the risk is already known...
Aurélie FaurePartner
assurance pour expatriés
Satisfaction of our clients is a priority. Our team makes a point of delivering high quality advice. In an insurance plan, it is important that everything is clear when you sign.</p> <p>
François Masson Partner - French Trade Advisor
We are a human size company and have a personnal relation with our clients worldwide. Premium service is our focus.
Gillus LandehouPartner and APS President

Why chose BSI ?

We are an international insurance broker company dedicated to health and life plans for expats and VIP worldwide. Discover our mission, our team, and all our infos.

BSI on YouTube

What our clients say...

A nice satisfaction when our customers are happy !

assuré BSI
Georges KaramBeyrouthLebanon
I appreciated their availability. They listen to you and understand well expats matters.
assurée BSI en Chine
Melanie BesancenotGuangzhouChina
I appreciated the clarity of the explanations of BSI before subscribing.
Boris DelmoulyAntananarivoMadagascar
I appreciate the professionalism and the reactivity of BSI. I feel serene because I receive good advice.
Chadrac OuedraogoLondresU.K.
When I decided to go to London for studies, I could rely on BSI for my health insurance plan.
CNAREF et expatriés retraités
Helene ReyLisbonnePortugal
BSI advice helped me to prepare my retirement as an expatriate