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Health Insurance Broker for Expats

Welcome to Bilan Santé International, international health insurance brokers based in Paris. Founded and run by François Masson and Aurélie Faure, BSI prides itself on providing customers with a personalized relationship and service to deliver the best health insurance coverage for their needs. For our exceptional service, we were honored at the 2013 Trophées du Courtage.

Whatever your age, your nationality or country of residence, we will certainly have solutions for you in case of illness or accident; completely or partially; temporarily or indefinitely; either in addition to European social systems (CFE or OSSOM for example), or private health insurance … Thanks to the internet, and with our support, you can easily take out a health insurance policy at the best price, with any one of the world’s leading health insurance providers with whom we collaborate.

International health insurance is a guarantee of optimal medical care and assistance in case of illness or accident, with access to the best care platforms and free choice of medical providers. It also provides the reassurance of being reimbursed quickly for prescriptions — sometimes heavy to support, financially — and benefitting from 24/7 assistance to come to the aid of a policy-holder, even on the other side of the world.

A medical questionnaire will be requested and pre-existing conditions may be excluded or subject to an increase in your premium. We will help you properly complete your questionnaire before sending it to the insurer and explain you the details of your contract so that you can sign up for your health insurance coverage safe in the knowledge that it is the right one for your needs.

We also offer student travel insurance and kidnapping / crisis insurance as well as specially designed programs for isolated environments.

Finally, we advise companies on the creation insurance products, particularly in the CIMA zone, as well as international clients who wish to audit, align, or overhaul their social protection programs for expatriate employees or premises.

One last thing to take into account – the services of an insurance broker are not charged to policyholders, so the price remains the same whether you subscribe directly with the insurer or through an insurance agent. We, the agents, take the information you provide about your unique situation and use our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the international health insurance market to find the contract tailor-made to your requirements.