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You should usually be considered expatriate when you live more than six months and one day a year outside your country of origin. Depending your nationality you still might be covered by your national health system . The binationals will also generally be considered as “expatriates” for the insurer, even in their country of origin. Being expatriate offers health insurance benefits, including freedom to chose get your insurance abraod and access to a wide range of international solutions. When you’re an expatriate, there are always solutions to be covered  in case of illness or accident, alone or with family, temporarily or definitly.

Thanks to our expertise and the facilities offers by internet (not to mention the phone), you can from anywhere in the world simply subscribe to an international health insurance (Private Medical Insurance) at best cost, with one of our leading international or local partner. Depending on plan, a medical application will be requested. Pre-existing medical conditions may be excluded or increase your premium : better then to be ensured as long as you are healthy and usually before you go abroad ! Before subscribing to Expat health insurance plan, it is also important to ask the right questions. You can read more here: 10 tips on how to choose your international health insurance (PMI).

Client satisfaction is our best reward. We are always at their side in case of difficulties or to remind them of the procedures.
Aurélie FaureAssociate

CFE or not for european expats ?

Should I join CFE or prefer a 1rst euro plan ? If your are with CFE, we have your “top-up” CFE. Request a quote !

Our best loved plan for top-up CFE

Your quote on line with ASFE, a french leader for top-up CFE. Also exist at “1rst euro”.

Expat and looking for a "1rst euro" plan ?

If you do not have a local health insurance or are not satisfied with it, you can buy a “PMI” (private medical insurance) also called “first euro” plan…

Discover steps for subscription.

To get started, just request your quotes for free ! Underwritting is then easy with our helpful guidance…