Insured expats with CFE

Expats with social insurance in Europe (CFE, OSSOM...)

We may supplement, abroad, the various European social security systems:
  • CPAM and CMU CFE (Fund for the French from abroad) in France
  • DOSZ/OSSOM for Belgians abroad and RIZIV/INAMI for those who contribute in Belgium (“Ziekenfonds” / “Mutual”)
  • The German GKV (“Krankenkasse”)
  • the “Krankenkasse” in Austria
  • The social security of Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands (“Restitutiepolis”), Estonia, the Luxembourg with the Leichtenstein
  • KVG in Switzerland

We also have solutions for complete systems of social protection of Israeli expatriates abroad but also those who are going to settle in Israel.   All of these organizations do not cover 100% expenditures in Europe or abroad. For example, the Fund of the French from abroad will be supported on the basis of the scale of the French social security: this can be very insufficient, in France like abroad and particularly in some countries where access to care is expensive: USA, Lebanon and now some countries of Asia like China or Singapore.   Supplementary insurance (sometimes called mutual wrongly) that we propose will complement usually 100% your real costs, including your country of nationality. They also have a “MEDEVAC” option or “repatriation” never taken in charge by the national bodies of social protection. You can also combine with guarantees “foresight” (death and disability).   All our solutions are not online but affiliated to the CFE French expatriates may, however, perform simulations with two of our valued partners and subscribe directly online if they wish (payment by credit card). Click to get started:                                                                 

Other solutions are available, including for expatriates of French, Belgian, Swiss, Luxembourg or monegasque nationality.

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