Global audit of your insurance policies

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2019)

Risks are part of life. Mastering them can provide stability and a solid foundation for your company to grow, as well as significantly reducing insurance premiums for your company.

However, when seen from head office in the USA or Europe, it can be difficult to understand the insurance requirements of international concerns. Although many international brokers exist, sometimes their local expertise or independence … does not hold up under scrutiny …

François Masson, former CEO and administrator for an international insurance company and expert in health, fire, accident and general insurance, offers audits of the insurance contracts held by your company abroad and will assist you in analyzing your current and future risks and insurance requirements. This is especially useful in the case of a group with many subsidiary companies, where much insurance coverage may be doubled up, or crucial areas left completely unprotected and to ensure that your insurance valuations are not inadequate or coverage overlooked (operating losses, boiler and machinery …)

Depending on your priorities, the audit can be comprehensive or targeted (by country, by sector — transport, responsibilities, fire, social protection …)

This forensic inspection will determine the risks that may be assumed by the company alone (in “self-insurance” through the introduction of “deductibles” in contracts, working on prevention and training …) and those that must be insured.

This type of mission, usually realises significant savings to a company’s insurance budget.

Following this study, you can also charge us with placing your risks onto the market, to find the best conditions, within your budget, with a local intermediary or not, according to your wishes.

Indeed, we can coordinate locally, of course with your local teams with whom it will be important to work during the study, drawing on our network of partner brokers and the best of European and local insurance companies.

We work around the world, particularly in Africa (we specialize in the CIMA zone), the Middle East and Asia: risk audits and audit of contracts in place, harmonizing existing coverage, renegotiation of conditions and rates …

In a highly technical field, BSI brings its expertise and comprehensive quality service to your company. We can engage, if necessary, on an ad hoc basis experts recruited for missions requiring local or international technical support, depending on your needs and specifications defined set.

Should the worst happen, we also stand by our customers, contractually guaranteed when we are your “contracting broker” or as an expert and on a fee basis, based on specific requests you make. We strive to ensure the proper application of written guarantees and procedures of expertise, to the final conclusion of any claim.

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