Group health and welfare plans

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2019)

Health and welfare insurance broker for employees abroad or expatriates, we advise our clients in the selection and implementation of their group policies, everywhere in the world.

Civil (or criminal) liability of the employer in this area is important and be well-advised takes all its value. It’s also a moral responsibility and many HR or leaders are interested in this issue. The visionary company knows that the question of the social protection of employees is not just a possible obligation, but a question of ethics and peace of mind which deserves full consideration. It can also be a requirement to meet the specifications of multinational attentive to their image as to that of their subcontractors. It has become indispensable to retain or recruit collaborators as part of packages that cover the employee and his family.

Like HR or business leader, you also want to be able to rely on available and professional teams to ensure the safety of your employees anywhere in the world, in all circumstances: accident, illness, risk of war or climate, epidemic or kidnappings… The requirements of the employee are often legitimate in case of problems. Insurance generally provides solutions for all these cases.

You want to put in place internationally, regionally or locally a coherent policy of social protection (sickness-accident, death-invalidity, retirement) for all or part of your teams? Looking for the best solutions on the market to retain and protect your employees abroad or in temporary assignments in the world?

BSI is an independent insurance and human-sized brokerage company, based in Paris, founded by François Masson, an international health insurance expert interested in the question of welfare issues abroad as in France. Approved by the best specialists (BUPA, AXA, Met Life, Allianz, MSH, ISOS, GMC…) and current or potential independent (or non) brokerage firms worldwide, BSI was winner of trophies from the brokerage of insurance in 2013. François Masson is also French Foreign Trade Advisor.

We offer you support in your thoughts on social protection compared to the problems encountered in health insurance, provident or retirement, depending on:

    • Geographical areas in the world or countries in particular (EU, Africa, Asia, USA...)
    • Of the categories of personnel in the world (expatriates, local, picture frames, non-management, etc).

After having bounded together the perimeter of study you want to entrust to our firm:

  • We carry out an audit of your current contracts
  • We define together the minimum base wanted by your company
  • We are looking for locally or internationally, the best forms of insurance, adapted to your needs, depending on the regulations

The result is usually an economy on the insurance  budget but also a progressive harmonisation of the coverage of loyal employees: a challenge for many globalized companies.

Bilan Santé International is independent of insurance companies or international brokerage firms who wish to impose their products or their business model claims management. However, we are aware that they are best placed for providing insured worldwide service, 365/365 : our role is tointroduce competition in the context of the mandate given by our client.

For expats or executives, regardless of nationality or country of residence, we offer collective international contracts in addition to the various social bodies European or the 1st euro (or 1 USD). We can also assist French companies in implementing their collective affiliation with the CFE, which European expatriate employees may be beneficiaries. A major advantage of a collective contract is that it is usually without medical questionnaire: This means that the employees (usually more than 10) will be covered even if pathologies pre-exist.

Concerning local collective insurance of local personnel and under the regulations of the country, it is with the same objectivity that we can help the company to renegotiate conditions and select a local insurer or regional that will bring a service quality and proximity to beneficiaries.

We charge agreed fees in advance according to the mission or we get commissions paid by the insurer if you entrust the placement of your contracts, or both. The missions are conducted personally by François Masson or Aurélie Faure, related balance sheet health international, with the support of staff of cabinet or external experts recruited from time to time.

For example, we have recently implemented a protection plan for a french group, allowing the company to optimize the protection of its expatriates in Nigeria, Viet Nam and Algeria while significantly reducing the overall budget and simplifying procedures for the company as its expatriates. We helped another of our customers in Congo to implement a  “top-up CFE” plan  for all its agents.

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