Insurance for expat in London ?

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2017)

Looking for health insurance in London ?

Britain, and London in particular, No. 1 destination for young expatriates? What kinf of health insurance when expat for a short or long term?

Many young people try adventure across the channel because of geographic proximity of Britain and for its dynamic market which make it a destination increasingly sought to live.

It is true that the country operates a probably more liberal approach than its large European neighbors and it has some advantages in terms of employability but also material difficulties often under estimated.

Examples including cost of housing (especially in London, about 50% more expensive than Paris…), those of education, transport… or medical expenses. What solutions for an expatriate in the United Kingdom?

The NHS (the UK social security) works rather well and is free to all employees but you won’t have the choice of your doctor and waiting lists are long for a specialist. In addition some reimbursement are partial or excluded : therefore insured should complement the NHS by a ‘Private Medical Insurance’ (PMI).

Expatriates who can afford it will generally prefer 1st euro plans allowing more care not only into United Kingdom but also in the country of nationality for example.

French or Belgians may have interest, depending on their income, to contribute to the CFE or OSSOM and a “top-up” plan.

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