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Your are student abroad or simply globetrotter, alone or in a group ? You plan a “working holiday” or going to be a trainee outside your country ? We have plans to cover you !

Insurance will support your expenses in case of unexpected hospitalization or sickness or even medical repatriation if needed.

We has selected for you the best offers in the market, depending of your profile (country of origin, country of destination, age, duration of your stay, work or not considered…).

Attention: these formulas “for a fixed period” are renewed only if insurer wants it. In case of heavy pathology occurring during your stay and that could lead to recurring expenses (chronic disease triggered after the purchase), you may find yourself without coverage at expiring date. It is then preferable to subscribe so if you know the duration of your stay abroad and get covered once back. It is also the reason why these contracts are relatively inexpensive because they do not have a lifetime warranty. Also check if the plan you are considering to buy covers you in case of an accident at work, if you intend to work abroad.

If in doubt, we are here to advise you but ask for a quote to get started!

Before traveling you should visite French Diplomatie website to be aware of risks.

In a hurry ? Get your quote  here !

On line subscription with Visa . All plans with our beloved company depending purpose of your stay.

Are you European student going abroad for studies or Working Holiday ? This plan might be for you…

A worldwide leader for travellers less than 30′ and for 2 to 12 months.

April Magellan is a “four wheels” plan for young or older travellers whatever the purpose. 

Travel ? Work abroad ? Studies ? How to buy your plan...

Request your free quotes. Subscription is then very easy. You will get your certificate by mail after payment by Visa Card.