Rental investment: BSI explains everything!

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2017)


How does the rental investment? Benefits, pitfalls to avoid.

The investment is a good way of: – retirement planning – reduce taxes – get back additional – protect his loved ones – to create a real estate law Pinel offers significant benefits but it is important not to rush and be well advised to get maximum profit. Success his investment is first wisely choose the location of the property: City, neighbourhood, community facilities, or public transport. This will allow the rental of your property without difficulty! As its name suggests, the investment is an investment only for the rental. As a result, the purchaser cannot live or consider it as his main residence. You have on the other hand, with the Pinel, the possibility to rent your property to your loved ones, ascendants and descendants. In short, the location of the property is essential but should not be determined solely based on criteria or personal taste!

How much will it bring me?

The Pinel provides three rental periods that will determine the tax reduction granted to the owner. 6 years rental accommodation gives right to 12% of tax reduction, 9 to 18% and 12 to 21 per cent (i.e. a tax reduction ranging up to €63 000). The reduction is therefore proportional to your commitment! At the end of this commitment, you enjoy your real estate as you wish: resale, rental to maintain a pension in the form of rents… Example of current program: the ALLEYS of Tuscany in CLISSON near NANTES (44). Apartment T3 € 169 900 allows you to benefit from a tax reduction of €283 / month for a 6-year commitment (€20 376 in savings in total). With historically low borrowing rates, it’s the perfect time to get started! Investment “in the stone” remains safe and the demand for rental housing is strong, especially on the outskirts of major cities. BSI also offers you your loan at a preferential rate insurance! Indeed, when buying a property through our partner Nexity General Foy, we are committed to not commissioning your loan insurance. Do not hesitate: contact us for more information!

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