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We are international health and life insurance broker. Based in Paris, the company was launched by François Masson, Aurélie Faure and Gillus Landehou, and is is managed daily by its founders, which ensures customers a personalized relationship and  ‘tailor-made’ service, in the long term.

Our customers are usually French or European companies with employees all over the world, under a local contract or as “expatriates”. We also advise international clients who wish, for example, to harmonize covers for their employees. But first of all we are the insurers of many individuals (expatriate or not) looking for personalized service, at best cost and where human relationship keeps its place.

Expatriate or VIP, regardless  your country of residence, your situation (expat or not), your age, your nationality, we certainly have solutions to cover you in case of illness or accident, completely or partially, temporarily or indefinitely, in addition to European social systems (CFE or OSSOM, for example), or with a “1st euro plan”.  With internet and our support, you can easily subscribe to a health insurance plan at the best cost, with one of the international leaders that we are partners…

International health insurance, it is the security of optimal hospital care in case of illness or accident, with access to the best care platforms and free choice of medical providers. It is also the serenity to be reimbursed for medical prescriptions sometimes heavy to bear financially or to benefit from a 24/24 emergency service, which will implement all its means to rescue an insured person, sometimes at the end of the world.


Before subscribing to an international health plan, it is important to ask the right questions. You can on this subject see our article 10 tips to choose your international health insurance. A medical application   will be asked and pre-existing conditions may be excluded or subject to  premium increase. Better then to get insured as long as you are healthy!

We will assist you in the steps to complete your appllication before sending it to the insurer and will explain the procedures for reimbursment, so you purchase with full knowledge.

We also deal with specific niches such as kidnapping plans and programs specifically designed for isolated environments.

BSI finally comes to advise insurance companies in Africa or creates new insurance plans, particularly in the CIMA area. We also advise African banks in their  “bankinsurance” strategy or their casualty risks : agreements, review of procedures, internal training, marketing… We are proud to have been awarded Lauréats des Trophées du Courtage de l’Assurance in 2013. It should be remembered : insurance broker services are not billed to the insured. It is the chosen company that pays him because its distribution costs are always included in the insurance contribution, regardless of the intermediary. All the more reason to contact us and compare !