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You are not satisfied with your local health insurance plan ? Or maybe do not have 24/24 emergency cover ? Have you ever thought to subscribe a private medical  insurance ? A  1st euro (or 1 USD) health insurance pla, is ideal to support up to 100% of real expenses in case of hospitalisation or care, in Europe, in your country of residence or nationality… or elsewhere (free choice of medical providers for most plans).


Premium  will depend on your age, your health profile (see medial questionnary), on the structure of your family, on your life style (with or without maternity?…), on the area of cover… For example if you want to be treated also in the United States, you should know the premium will be almost double that if you exclude this area. Most companies offer to build your  1st euro health insurance with :

  • a compulsory warranty : it will support  costs in case of “hospitalisation”
  • optional guarantees:

Depending on the chosen option, you will have access to special services : annual health check for example.

Get your quotes with our various partners and  subscribe online if you wish (payment by credit card).

Buy your plan while you are healthy and answer sincerely to the medical questionnary : we’ll help you to fill it if needed.

A phone call will often help you for better understanding so do not hesitate to contact us.

My satisfaction : confident clients who understood well how their policy works. There are some procedures to be respected to be 100% happy with your plan.
Aurélie FaureAssociate
Because we run a family business, we are next to our clients. Insurance broker is like the clerk or the family doctor. Confidence is a must in relationship.
François MassonAssociate - French Trade Advisor
assurance santé internationale

Discover subscription process

Get started : request your quote for free ! Subscription is very easy with our support from A to Z