Expat and looking for a “1rst euro” plan ?

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2017)
If you don’t rely on a compulsory or optional regime, or if you are not satisfied, you can subscribe to an international health insurance private from the 1st euro, also known as (PMI) private international health insurance. Some members also subscribe to receive care in the USA, when their national system does not support.

As its name suggests, this type of insurance reimburses the insured “as soon as the 1 euro spent” and does not have to complete a basic plan. It is perfectly suited for coverage up to to 100% of real expenses in case of hospitalisation or care, in Europe, in  country of residence or nationality or elsewhere, with free choice of medical providers for most contracts.

The annual fee is depending on :

  • risk profile (determined by age, BMI, healthy living etc) that the insured declares in the medical questionnaire
  • composition of the family
  • life style (maternity needed or not, installation abroad for short or long term…)
  • the coverage area sought
  • needed guarantees (ceilings, deductibles, options…)

Because of all these criterias, rates range is wide and you should be able to find the plan adapted to your situation and your budget. The main criteria for pricing, however, remains the age: more it increases and more insurance is expensive. It is better to accept the idea when you subscribe ! It is finally fair since we’re more consumer of care when you get older. Medical inflation is also impressive on the last years and the trend is expected to continue.


Suffice to say that cost of international health insurance contracts is not ready to drop despite the intense competition among insurers. This is why a strict selection is made at the entrance to avoid opportunistic subscriptions (anti-selection) in case of individuals plans. So lets compare before buying !

Most companies offer to build your 1st euro plan with:


Discover steps for subscription and request your free quotes !

You can also get you direct quote and subscribe on line with some of our partners :

We have plans for people of all nationalities almost anywhere, including those coming to settle in Europe. Some plans are also available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

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