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Have you ever thought about making a medical check up?

With a health insurance plan, a “medical check up” might be partially or fully covered by your insurer. Many of our policyholders make their annual preventive “check ups”  at the American Hospital in Paris: excess fees are very important… Montaigne Santé Institut, located in the 8th district of Paris, offers several check ups more affordable: – health […]

Does the insured have the choice of medical providers throughout the world?

When the insurer talks about “free choice of medical providers in the world”: it’s true … to a certain extent! Indeed, all contracts provide “ceilings” guarantee that will restrict access to certain specialists or centers, except that if the patient accepts a “coinsurance” for part of the cost! This is the case for overruns applied […]

What means a “waiting period” in your insurance plan ?

A waiting period is a period during which the guarantee does not work. The waiting period starts on the effective date of the contract and its duration is specified in the general conditions. For example, if the contract takes effect on January 1st, and has, for some guarantees, a three months waiting period, the concerned […]

What are the procedures for “in” or “out” treatment?

To avoid problems at the moment of a claim, the insured must take care to observe the insurance procedures. Please note that more or less, all companies will request same documents and will follow sames rules to take in charge your claim. – When visiting the doctor, this one must complete and fix his seal […]

What is a “sudden” illness ?

By “sudden illness”, insurers mean every alteration medically recognized to be unexpected and unpredictable and requiring surgery or medical treatment. The concepts of “suddenness” and “unpredictability” are important because it means that the insured was not aware of the pathology when he signed the contract. To consider the claim in case of an hospitalization or care reimbursement, […]

Switch your international health insurance ?

It can be clever to switch broker or company for your “international health insurance plan”, but before this, you should ask the right questions: are you looking for a better premium, better guarantees or a more efficient service? Furthermore, are you in the position to negotiate? In fact, you better be in good health to put your contract into […]

10 conseils pour bien choisir son assurance santé internationale

Connaître ses besoins… et son budget Bien choisir son contrat d’assurance santé internationale, c’est déjà bien connaître ses besoins ! Il va donc falloir vous poser les bonnes questions… et prévoir ! Que se passera-t-il si vous êtes demain accidenté ou malade à l’étranger ou dans votre pays de nationalité ? Êtes-vous seul concerné ou […]